Speaking, Tours & Research
How old is my barn? Why were barns often painted red? How did the 19th-century phenomenon of interchangeable parts affect barn building? Why are cow tie-up areas whitewashed?

Don can answer these and many other questions at speaking engagements, public & private barn tours and through research services.

Perhaps you own a property with a barn but know little about its history? It wasn't passed down through your family. Don can provide a written report with detailed photos explaining the date-range and use of the structure and its features. A barn, especially a dairy barn, may have gone through several transformative periods in its colorful life. Depending on location, research & report services begin at $200 and include a signed copy of Don's book. The work will be used as a reference in your report, further explaining terms and concepts.

A popular keynote speaker, Don is currently tailoring programs to what he discovered traveling the state for his book, a survey that spanned from Arundel to Aroostook. Released September, 2012 the book is proving popular, already in its second printing. Don's current program is different from earlier presentations you may have seen.

        An informative video of Don at a local historical society
(earlier program)

Celebrating the barns of Maine